Automatic Multi-Chemistry Discrete Analyzer Package- Rebid Florida 05/19/2021
Bishop Estates Road Signing Improvements Florida 05/19/2021
Chiller Replacement Florida 05/14/2021
Citywide Facility Maintenance Services (Bid Discount) Florida 05/12/2021
Coastal Area Action Plan Florida 05/13/2021
Construction Services In Connection With East Ventura Avenue Improvements From South Deane Duff Avenue To South Francisco Street Florida 06/02/2021
Cosme WTP Sludge Lagoon Improvements Florida 05/13/2021
Design-Build Of Emergency Operations Center (“EOC”) Building Addition Florida 05/20/2021
Design-Build Services For Traffic Engineering Emergency Generator Installation and Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades Project Florida 05/19/2021
General Paving, Patching and Striping Services Florida 05/19/2021
Grounds Maintenance Florida 05/20/2021
Line Of Duty Life Insurance - Sworn And Non-Sworn Personne Florida 05/14/2021
Mowing Services Florida 05/20/2021
Parks and Recreation FY21 Concrete Projects Florida 05/26/2021
Pavement Markings, Unit Price Construction Intersections, Hand Lines & Spot Markings Florida 05/26/2021
Property Management Services Florida 05/18/2021
Provide Janitorial Maintenance Services And Supplies Florida 05/13/2021
Purchase Of 23-Foot Rib Patrol Boat (Silverships AM700 Model Or Equivalent) Florida 05/19/2021
Red Reef Park Snorkel Reef & North Jetty Maintenance Project Florida 05/14/2021
Safety & Security Improvement Florida 06/03/2021
Safety Equipment and Supplie Florida 05/10/2021
SBDD Parking Lot Resurfacing Project Florida 05/14/2021
Six Emergency Generators For Six Winson Water Treatment Plant Water Wells Florida 05/28/2021
Sludge Dewatering and Disposal Services Florida 06/10/2021
Sponge Docks Gateway Sign Design-Build Florida 05/12/2021
SR-A1A / Mickler Road Intersection Improvements Design & Permitting Florida 05/27/2021
Sumter County Containment Fill Station Florida 05/14/2021
Sumter County Solar Energy Facility Feasibility Study Florida 05/13/2021
Temporary Staffing Services Florida 05/26/2021
Uniform Rental Services For Fleet Management (Re-Bid) Florida 05/20/2021
Utility Tap In Program 2314 Gayland Road (32218) & 2211 Wilson Street (32209) Florida 05/12/2021
Winthrop Park Tennis Court Repair And Recoating Florida 05/25/2021
Woolery Drive Drainage Improvements Phase I Florida 06/02/2021