2021 Knox Gym Re-roof Mississippi 11/02/2021
2021 Sewer Improvements Mississippi 11/09/2021
6 Homeowner Housing Units Mississippi 11/09/2021
Architectural Services Mississippi 10/27/2021
CEF Central Plant Heating Water System Upgrades Mississippi 11/16/2021
Demolition of Building Q, Covered Walkway, & Swimming Pool Mississippi 11/02/2021
Electric Distribution (Material Only) Mississippi 10/26/2021
Elevated Storage Tank Mississippi 10/27/2021
Hall Avenue East Project Mississippi 10/28/2021
Hydraulic Guard Rail Post Driver/Puller-Truck Mounts Mississippi 10/27/2021
iMPAC Drop-off Lane Mississippi 11/02/2021
Industrial Road Access Mississippi 11/09/2021
Johnson Science Tower And Bobby Chain Tech Elevator Modernization Mississippi 10/26/2021
Lambert Sewer System Improvements CDBG 2020 Mississippi 10/27/2021
Mill & Overlay of 0.67 Miles of CR-236 Mississippi 11/01/2021
Pintle Hitch Tag Trailer Mississippi 10/27/2021
Qualified Residential Treatment Program Assessment Services (Reissue) Mississippi 10/26/2021
Two Story Research Building Chiller Replacement Mississippi 11/04/2021
Uniforms - Fire Department Mississippi 10/27/2021
Walter Washington Administration and Classroom Building Plaza lmprovements Mississippi 10/27/2021