5th & Thayer Redevelopment Site North Dakota 07/14/2022
Agricultural Tractor Rental - 2023-2024 North Dakota 07/05/2022
Athletic Meals North Dakota 07/08/2022
Bookstore Management Services North Dakota 07/15/2022
Emulsion Oil Tank System North Dakota 07/12/2022
Exclusive Soft Drink Pouring And Vending Rights Agreement North Dakota 07/20/2022
External Quality Review Organization North Dakota 07/19/2022
Hailstone Rest Area Janitorial And Maintenance Contract North Dakota 07/07/2022
Janitorial Services North Dakota 07/07/2022
Legal Case Management System North Dakota 07/18/2022
Microsoft Channel Partner Services North Dakota 07/11/2022
Printing- Dakota Gold Newsletter North Dakota 07/07/2022
Printing- Historical Site Brochures North Dakota 07/12/2022
Professional Architectural And Engineering Services For Consulting Services On-Demand North Dakota 07/06/2022
Residential Curbside Recycling Collection Service North Dakota 07/06/2022
RFV 1st & 2nd Quarter 2023 Fuel Vendors North Dakota 07/11/2022
SPACES Maintenance And Operations Support North Dakota 08/17/2022
Sports Medicine Services North Dakota 07/11/2022
Structural Collapse Rescue Struts NEW! North Dakota 07/07/2022
Water Utility Rate Study Update - Communications North Dakota 07/05/2022